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What the hell is that ?

Ube is a puzzle game.

You are a little blue character who has to traverse mazes. The trick is you can only move a limited number of times, in a limited number of ways. Along the way, you can pick items that give you new moves, to try and go further.

The game is played with the mouse. It is pretty forgiving : you have unlimited undo / redo, and the path you can take is displayed as soon as you move the mouse over a place in the maze.

For those interested, it is an evolution of Boots-puzzle, an older game I wrote in ruby.

It's free software available under the MIT License.

Hum...kay, what does it look like?

The game

It looks like this :

Screenshot from ube main game screen, v0.3.0

In this screen, the little blue ball (with cute eyes) is you. The exit is the other "blue" cell.

You have two moves available. The "green" move lets you advance one cell at a time. The "yellow" moves lets you jump two cells at a time. Moves are represented by buttons at the bottom of the screen.

There are two colored cells (one in green, one in yellow). If you reach those cells, you get one new available move.

I know, this doesn't look great, but I am no artist :( ...

Okay, let me try it !

Currently the game only works on PC (i386, for those who know what it means.) I tested it for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows (tm).

GNU/Linux Debian package (v0.3.1)
Microsoft Windows (tm) Installer (v0.3.1)
tar.gz sources (v0.3.1)


Debian package

An Ubuntu/Debian package is available : Ube 0.3.1 Debian package

I've only tested the package on a Ubuntu 9.10 distribution.

From sources

Sources, for the adventurous : in tar.gz format

Building is a matter of installing the proper dependencies, and using configure ; make : make install. See INSTALL for more info..


A Microsoft Windows (tm) version is available : Ube 0.3.1 for Windows. It is a self-contained installer. No known virus, but check it if you're paranoid ;)

I've only tested it on Windows XP (tm), so if you have any issue with Windows Vista (tm) or Windows Seven (tm), drop a note !

Development version

Project is hosted on github : github page.

Git clone URL is : git://


A 'Ube' entry should appear in your menu. From command-line, on GNU/Linux, you can start the game with 'ube'.

This doesn't work !!!!!

Okay, you can shout at phtrivier AT yahoo DOT fr, I might even be able to help !

This looks like crap !!!!

I'am glad you mentionned it. I know. Thanks for nicely offering to help ;)

Dude, the name sucks !

I know. What's in a name anyway ? I guess sometimes you just type a couple of letter on your keyboard, the acronym is not taken, and you decide it might as well do for a name.

Where is the documentation ???

There is none for the moment, there will definitely be a 'tutorial' sometimes.

Copyright (C) 2010 Pierre-Henri Trivier