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Boots Puzzle

What the hell is that ?

Boots puzzle is a little game for GNU/Linux.

You're a playing a vaguely lab-rat-like guy who must go from the entry of a room (in blue) to the exit of a room (in green).

At startup you walk with your bare feet, but you can pick 'boots' that will let you move several cells at a time, walk on water, move like a Knight in chess, etc...

The game is written in Ruby, with a DSL to create new rooms, new kind of boots, and script everything.

Oh, did I mentionned it's free software released under GPL ?

Hum...kay, what does it look like?

The game

It looks like sh...omething that can be really improved at the moment, but something like this :

Boots Puzzle,v0.3.2

In this screen, you have your player, you're using 'double boots' so you can jump two cells at a time, and arrows show you where you can go.

The editor

There is a Shoes app to create the puzzles, and it looks even uglier than the game itself :

Puzzle editor

Still, making GUIs with Shoes is pretty fun, you should try it if you're a rubyist or something

Okay, let me try it !


I've only tested this on MY machine, a i486 with Ubuntu Hardy Heron. So don't expect miracles if you're too far from this kind of configuration.

Disclaimer, the return

This is really a work-in-beginning-of-sort-of-progress, so there is still a lot that might break, look stupid, etc...
Don't shoot the coder, he's doing his best.

Install and play (for lucky debian users)

From sources

Get sources


Then read INSTALL for more details, but basically you will need to install ruby and a couple of ruby gems... I'm working on improving the distribution, don't worry...


There are two adventures to play in releases ; one is 'foobar', and it really sucks. The other one is called 'demo', and it demonstrates more stuff. So go for this :

rake demo

But if you feel adventurous ..

rake play adventure=foobar

In any case, you should give this a try :

rake help

This doesn't work !!!!!

Okay, you can shout at phtrivier AT yahoo DOT fr, I might even be able to help !

This looks like crap !!!!

I'am glad you mentionned it. I know. Thanks for nicely offering to help me by sending your nice 32x32 RBG PNG files to fix the art that I've found on the internet (thanks to lots of nice people referenced in file ART of the archive.)

Where is the documentation ???

The controls of the game are explained when typing 'rake help' or simply the 'h' key in the game.

I am preparing some documentation about how to create levels and write plugins. After installation, you should have a '/usr/share/boots-puzzle/doc/boots-puzzle.html/index.html' file with the current state of it.

Copyright (C) 2008 Pierre-Henri Trivier