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Yet another Pacman(tm?) remake

What the hell is that ?

This is the game you all know. Not in a fancy version, for what it is... Just did it to play with the AI and to make a game I could actually play and lose.

Hum...kay, what does it look like?

Guess what ? it's ugly. I riped graphics from here and there, the ghosts are a little too small, the text is not a the best place, etc..

Main screen

Okay, let me try it !

Sure. You'll need to install ruby, rake, SDL and the ruby/SDL binding.

They you grab the game here, you type

rake play

and that should be it.

This doesn't work !!!!!

Okay, you can shout at phtrivier AT yahoo DOT fr, I might even be able to help. But I'm not planning on doing anything else on this.

Where is the documentation ???

Wait you really need documentation on PACMAN ??? Jezz.

Copyright (C) 2008 Pierre-Henri Trivier