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What the hell is that ?

JsUbe is Ube in the browser.

This is an attempt to port Ube in the browser, using the canvas tag and other HTML5-ish features.

It will only work in modern browser, like Firefox (version 3.6 or later) or Chrome (I haven't tested in on Safari or Opera, but it should be decent.) It will probably not work on any version of Internet Explorer, sorry.

The game is still played with the mouse. It is pretty forgiving : you have unlimited undo / redo, and the path you can take is displayed as soon as you move the mouse over a place in the maze.

It's free software available under the MIT License.

Hum...kay, what does it look like?

The game

It looks like this :

Screenshot from jsube main game screen

In this screen, the little blue ball (with cute eyes) is you. The exit is the other "blue" cell.

You have two moves available. The "green" move lets you advance one cell at a time. The "yellow" moves lets you jump two cells at a time. Moves are represented by buttons at the bottom of the screen.

There are two colored cells (one in green, one in yellow). If you reach those cells, you get one new available move.

I know, this doesn't look great, but I am no artist :( ...

Okay, let me try it !

Click here to play !

Development version

Project is hosted on github : github page.

Git clone URL is : git://

This doesn't work !!!!!

If you're using the right browser (FF 3.6 or more, Chrome), then okay, you can shout at phtrivier AT yahoo DOT fr, I might even be able to help !

This looks like crap !!!!

I'am glad you mentionned it. I know. Thanks for nicely offering to help ;)

Dude, the name sucks !

I know. What's in a name anyway ? I guess sometimes you just type a couple of letter on your keyboard, the acronym is not taken, and you decide it might as well do for a name.

Where is the documentation ???

There is none for the moment, there will definitely be a 'tutorial' sometimes.

Copyright (C) 2010 Pierre-Henri Trivier